ICS Cyber Security

EOSYS has the knowledge and experience to address cyber security concerns for your Industrial Control Systems. As the number and severity of industrial cyber-attacks continue to increase, it is more important than ever to address the cyber threat landscape your company faces.

EOSYS will aid in the development of appropriate security policies or assess your current cyber security policy against your companies selected cyber standard or other industry accepted best practices. EOSYS will provide a gap analysis to highlight any deficiencies and advise on solutions to enhance your cyber security posture.

The EOSYS team has the experience to deliver solutions from conception to commissioning.

Our competencies include:

  • Security Policy creation and assessment
  • Risk assessment and vulnerability analysis
  • Adherence to compliance standards
  • Cyber asset list creation and validation
  • Patch management strategies
  • Migration path development that minimizes downtime
  • Architecting cyber defense using in-depth approaches
    • Firewall deployment
    • Application white-listing
    • Physical access controls
    • Network and Host Intrusion Detection
    • Proper configuration management
    • Reducing your attack surface
    • Secure remote access
    • System logging
    • Monitoring and response procedures
    • Network segmentation
    • Authentication management
    • Development of role-based access controls