Many companies declare themselves metal experts and specialize in providing products and services specifically to the various metals industries. EOSYS does not consider itself an expert in the field of metallurgy. We do however consider ourselves experts in the field of utilizing tools that improve manufacturing processes and deliver rapid ROI’s for the clients we serve.

Our experience across multiple industries allows us to apply new ideas and technology as it relates to manufacturing processes, material handling systems and plant information and tracking systems that are utilized in the metals industries.

EOSYS has completed numerous projects for aluminum and steel manufacturers and processors. Delivering these solutions has increased our process knowledge and helped us to develop an understanding of the various special requirements found in different applications within the industry. Our relationships with companies such as Rockwell Automation, AVEVA, Foxboro, YokogawaSiemens, Microsoft and others provide synergies required to deliver application solutions requiring the combination of multiple vendors’ products and services.

EOSYS has focused on delivering solutions that are based on software, hardware standards, and designs. Thus reducing the total cost of ownership, (TCO), of the systems deployed. By working hand-in-hand with equipment operators to mill managers, our solutions reduce training requirements, downtime and provide flexibility for the users.

EOSYS has successfully completed over 275 projects in the metals industry to date, deploying solutions for the following mill/manufacturing areas:

Water Systems
  • Melt Shop Water System Controls Upgrade
  • Caster Water System Controls Upgrade
  • Laminar Water System Controls Upgrade
  • Cooling Tower Controls Upgrade
  • Alarming and Paging System
Scrap Handling
  • Scrap Car/Crane Controls
  • Delaquering Kiln Burner Controls Upgrade
  • Scrap Handling Conveyors Controls Upgrade
  • 3 Stand Mill Oil House Controls Upgrade
  • 5 Stand Mill Spray System Controls Upgrades
  • Grade Change Package
  • Acid to Alkaline Conversion
  • Fan Pump Control
  • All Regulatory Controls
  • Continuous Coating Line Controls
  • Scalper Shape Profile Controls
  • Continuous Casting Spray Water Controls
  • Pickle Line Tank Farm Controls Upgrade
  • Pickle Line Automax to ControlLogix Conversion
  • Pickle Line Reporting
  • Avtron Tension Leveler Controls Upgrade
  • Soaking Pits Controls Upgrade
  • Pusher Furnace Controls Optimization
  • Slitter Control Upgrade
  • Annealing Controls and Level 2 System Controls
Melt Shop
  • EAF Burner Controls Optimization
  • EAF Pulpit Control Desk Design and Build
  • LMF Controls Upgrade
  • Wire Feed Controls Upgrade
  • LMF Control Pulpit Design and Build
  • Baghouse Controls Integration and Optimization
  • Baghouse Opacity Monitoring and Alarming
  • Tapping Pulpit Panel Design and Build
Main Substation
  • SCADA systems
  • Multilin Protective Relay Interface
  • Energy Management System Controls Upgrade
Material Handling
  • Alloys System Controls Upgrade
  • DRI Handling System Controls
  • Ash Handling System Controls
  • Preheater Temperature Controls
  • Caster Controls
  • BMS Controls
  • Caster Data Acquisition
  • Tunnel Furnace Drive Controls