100% Employee Owned

Employee Ownership is at the heart of EOSYS

EOSYS has always been a privately held company with a strong commitment to its employees. In 2014, we continued our long history of ensuring employees share in the growth and prosperity of the company by becoming a 100% employee owned company through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Being a 100% ESOP means EOSYS employees own 100% of the company. Each year, through the ESOP, the company purchases stock on behalf of eligible employees, allowing them to share in the company’s success while providing an unmatched opportunity to build retirement savings.

The ESOP is more than an ownership structure though, it’s really the heart of our culture. When you work at EOSYS you’re an owner, working alongside other owners. You and your coworkers are more invested in each others’ success as well as the success of our customers. Everyone understands that success is a team endevor where we’re each rewarded for our cumulitive hardwork.

Facts about our ESOP

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a tax-qualified employee benefit plan that turns employees into stockholders. All full-time employees over age 21 and with at least 6 months of service participate in the plan. At the end of each year, EOSYS makes a contribution to the ESOP. This contribution is distributed among the eligible employees in the form of shares of company stock. Over time an employee’s account can grow with company contributions and stock appreciation at no cost to the employee. After employee(s) retires or exits the company their stock is repurchased and the employee receives the proceeds. *Detailed plan provisions including eligibility, vesting, and redemption are governed by the EOSYS Employee Stock Ownership Plan document.

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