Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer product companies vary greatly in the products they manufacture and deliver to their customers, the general population. These companies utilize an assortment of manufacturing and information systems in order to manufacture, ship and track their products on the way to retail sales outlets. Today retailers are increasing their requirements for just in time delivery, lot tracking and quality of the manufactured goods.

EOSYS’s experience across multiple industries allows us to apply new ideas and technology as it relates to manufacturing processes, material handling systems and plant information and tracking systems that are utilized by consumer products companies. Our plant floor expertise allows us to provide accurate information to systems that keep the product flowing out the door, to know when and how it was made, where it’s going and when it got there. We utilize the latest hardware and packaged software products to minimize our systems total cost of ownership, TCO, for our customers. Integration of machine control with barcode, RFID and vision systems is critical to the product tracking and information systems we deploy.

EOSYS has completed numerous projects for consumer products manufacturers. The products range from appliances to labels used on appliances to glue used on the label. Delivering these solutions has increased our process knowledge and helped us to develop an understanding of the various special requirements found in different applications within the industry. Our relationships with companies such as Rockwell Automation, PARSEC™, AVEVA, Siemens, Microsoft and others provide synergies required to deliver application solutions requiring the combination of multiple vendors’ products and services.

EOSYS has focused on delivering solutions that are based on software and hardware standards and designs that reducing the total cost of ownership, (TCO), of the systems deployed. By working hand-in-hand with equipment operators to mill managers, our solutions reduce training requirements, downtime and provide flexibility for the users.

EOSYS’s experience in architecting control systems, developing information systems and interfacing these to higher level Supply Chain or ERP business systems allows us to provide turnkey solutions with single point responsibility to our customers.